We take care of your quality of life by free you from your daily hassle so that you can focus on the essentials:

+ Shopping Support
+ Daily Life Support


Improve Your Quality of Life

The corporate concierge offers practical solutions to employees and the company. Available in the workplace and run by a concierge, this service responds to key issues for employees: well-being at workcomfort and time savingscreation of social ties, reduction of stress, and productivity


Concierge service is provided by Jolie Siam to the employees as a benefit to improve the quality of life of the employees.

How Does it work?

The concierge service is funded by Jolie Siam. The access to the service is free for each employee, which only regulates its own controls, based on special types of payment issued by Jolie Siam.


Type of Services

+ Laundry Request

+ Gift Selection

+ Gift Wrapping & Delivery

+ Floral Arrangement

+ Ticket Booking

+ Lunch Services

+ Drinks & Beverage Services

Shopping Support: 

+ Ordering

+ Delivering

Daily Support: 

+ Ordering with multiple options from Qualified Vendors & Partners

+ Delivering with etiquette & serving with care

+ Consulting & Customization on various options

+ Special Care for future purchase & services