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What types of individual accounts do you manage?

We can manage virtually any type of investment account, both taxable and retirement, assuming it is eligible with our custodians. Most notably our firm is proud to promote our strong IRA Rollover program.

What custodians do you use for individuals?

Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade.

How frequently am I sent performance reports?

We send out customized performance reports for individuals on a quarterly basis. But our portfolio management software allows us to produce these reports on-demand, as needed.

What is the minimum account size?

For individuals, the minimum account size is $1 million.

What is your standard fee schedule?

Our standard fee schedule for individuals is 1% of assets annually, billed quarterly in advance.

Can you offer an online client portal (PFM) or mobile app accessibility?

Yes, we have the capability to provide clients with access online and via apps. Presently these features are offered through our custodial partners. We have plans to integrate it into our Matisse suite of services in 2018.

HR - Solution

Jolie Siam offers a variety of services that provide solutions aligned with your needs

  • Outsourcing services: a number of services dependent on your requirements
  • Staffing services: Providing staffing in a variety of service- (office-administration, Hr-administration, Assistant) and non-service- (accounting) oriented workfields
  • (Alternate)Staffing services: Providing staffing in a variety of workfields:
Service sector:
  • Office- Administration
  • HR- Administration
  • Assistant
Non - Service sector:
  • Accounting staff
Back-up services: Providing a temporary replacement for absent staff (e.g. in case of maternity leave). Training & Coaching: specialized training for your receptionist, customer- service- agent or administrative staff, based on our standards and extensive expertise. Performance Audit: A quality evaluation of your staff based on our experience and standards.

Corporate Concierge

Not to be confused with the widely known hotel-concierge, our office-concierges provide a variety of services for your office-amenity, including:

  • Booking support: Supporting office staff with the booking of transportation or arranging bookings for meetings / accommodations
  • Gifting support: providing support in acquiring, assembling and sending/delivering of gifts to partners or colleagues
  • Chore support: Assistance in minor or bigger tasks that require physical or organizational support
  • Procurement support: Supporting your other office staff by procuring and delivering required items and amenities
  • Research and recommendation: Find suitable localities or offer quality of life solutions
  • Personal Assistance: Aiding all office staff in personal matters to improve their workability


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