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International Standard

Why Jolie Siam?

The Best of Two Cultures

Jolie Siam provides a unique service that combines two significant aspects of two very different cultures - of France and Vietnam. The country of France is world-renowned for its ‘one of a kind’ service standard, which is rooted in complex etiquette and a dedication to performing. On the other hand, the Vietnamese are famous for their exceptional sense of hospitality and warm welcoming attitude.   

When Jolie Siam was founded by Vietnamese Mrs. LE and French Mrs. PEILLON, they infused both qualities into Jolie Siam to create an extraordinary service. With our European expertise and a deep understanding of Vietnamese culture combined, we have the ability to train and guide exceptional performers with great soft skills, who are capable of effectively working in multinational surroundings.

Our Unique Service 

We at Jolie Siam strive to bring performance-oriented and dedicated receptionists to the turbulent Vietnamese labor-market. 

With extensive experience in working with a multinational clientele, our team is focused on selecting only the most qualified and suitable applicants and to train and supervise them by our standards, in order to seamlessly integrate them into international environments - and have a positive impact. 

Engagedness, attentiveness, conscientiousness and diligence, among others, are the qualities we bring to our valued clients through our receptionists. 


Our Dedication

After realizing that diligence is one of the most challenging obstacles in the Vietnamese labor market, and recognizing that a lack of dialogue is often the reason for unresolved issues between employer and employee, we seek to create an honest, open, and ongoing conversation to consistently improve the performance of our receptionists. Through doing so, we help both our clients and our receptionists grow and evolve, and we greatly reduce the risks involved in the hiring process for our clients, by guaranteeing backup in our full-service package. 

Furthermore, we aim to provide a consistent service over time and thus create high stability for our clients. 

We at Jolie Siam are dedicated to make things work and proactively resolve any issues that arise.